Bring on the growth… Here it comes!

Greetings, and Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the year of the Yang Wood Dragon.

Given the Yang, Dynamic, Moving Nature of a Yang Wood Dragon year, I wish to kick things off here in support of how we might each best support ourselves to ride the winds of transformation and change. Here’s to a year full of successful, fruitful holistic healing, self-healing, and self-cultivation.

Our age has been dubbed the, “age of anxiety”. More and more of us report experiencing a life filled with loneliness. The Yang Wood Dragon year we’ve just entered will most likely serve to intensify the change and transformation most of us seem to be experiencing on all levels, both internal change, and societal social change globally.

A golden key for harmonious, fruitful transformation is asking ourselves better questions. It is natural, necessary and functional to judge our inner and outer world. It’s obvious by looking at the kind of reactivity people have to being judged negatively that we humans do not thrive, evolve, and grow in the harsh light of condemnation. Being clear is kind. And a loving, thoughtful, curious feedback loop that invites connection, and conscious evolution is crucial at this time both within our beings, and on a societal level. In the spirit of, “put your own oxygen mask on first”, I’d like to offer questions that invite internal connection, and conscious evolution.

We need to judge ourselves consciously, and have a means for honest, heart-connected self-evaluation and self-assessment. I believe this is important for our healing, growth, and as an anti-dote for the inner-voices of the critic and the judge; who, like all inner-voices are positively intended for our well-being, often cause us a lot of inner turmoil, cuz we can feel a sense of condemnation from their modes.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of self-assessment questions, nor is it the best one for you. I offer the following as a way to get the ball rolling for you to come up with your own list; ultimately, that’s gonna be the best list for you:

How well attuned is our Bullsh*t meter?
…which is a core aspect of our Heart forces…
…which will impact…
How well we align with the forces inherent in change and transformation for our growth?
…which will impact our ability to perceive events occurring within and around us from the perspective that everything that is transpiring in our lives is happening for us, and not to us
…which will impact…
How much curiosity and presence we can bring to the continual process of gaining in self-knowledge, and give ourselves permission to experience ourselves beyond what we’ve taken ourselves to be heretofore, and/or what others attempt to make us believe about ourselves?
Do we have the willingness and inner-capacity to be present with all parts of ourselves, or do we project the bad parts on to others around us, or the world at large?
Can we offer ourselves the voice of the Internal Mother who always sees us in our best light, and reminds us that we are deserving of a loving, nurturing Life?

Let’s break this down… Firstly, the Yang year piece; Yang here connotes the opposite of Yin. Yang is the active principle, so its influence will make the overall dynamics of the year, well, more dynamic, lively, and perhaps even intense! Next, What up with a, “Wood” Dragon? Wood is one of the Five Elementals from the worldview of Ancient China. As one of the Five Elementals, Wood adds a further Yang quality, as it is one of 3 out of 5 the Yang Elementals along with Fire, and the Yang side of Earth.

Wood is an ascending energy, that brings new growth and new beginnings – it’s the change agent in us, always seeking growth, as in a tree continually reaching out its branches towards the light. Wood energy impels us to want to start new projects, and if we’re working on a project, or having an issue, it offers us a plethora of possible solutions. The Wood consciousness in us is not interested in completion in general, and not really interested in getting things perfect, just the best, most direct, and expeditious way from point A to point B; Wood is more about just getting the job done, or better yet from Wood’s point of view, delegating the plan for the completion of a project to someone else.

It’s going to be very important this hear to remember that healthy, balanced Wood dynamics are about, “orderly reaching”.
It is the Wood way to keep reaching for the light. Imbuing into us continual growth along the lines of our plans, and visions;
ultimately, our master plan, or destiny. It’s going to be more imperative than ever that our growth is aligned with our inner master plan, and not aligned with someone else’s plan! Why? Cuz our growth imbued in this way is ease-filled with alacrity!

The Liver and Gallbladder channels of Acupuncture and their related organs belong to the Wood Elemental. One of their key contributions is that of, “harmonizing” our emotional body. It is this Classical Chinese Medical (CCM) insight that allows us to understand why one of the most potent and optimal ways to do a, “Liver Cleanse”, and thereby cleanse our blood, is by attuning to our emotional body in a way that allows for a presence that attunes to our emotions and their expression, and not repression.

This means allowing ourselves to come home to our feeling body, bring loving-compassionate presence to our authentic internal process continually. A metric to watch for along these lines is how buoyant and hopeful you’re feeling. The ascending energy of Wood keeps us hopeful of a bright future, keeps us planning for a win:win in all our endeavors, and continually being an uplifting presence offering hope, courage, and encouragement with all whom we come in contact with; especially our closest peeps.

chinese dragon, jade, dragon year-8534079.jpg

And then we come to the dragon, who is sometimes called the snake, you have this powerful life force energy that is also associated with creativity, and with the Great Goddess, fertility, and transformation.

Together they give great power to initiating things and to creating, as well as to processes of letting go, changing, and transforming. It feels to me like a year where almost anything can happen if you’re aligned for it.💚🐉

One of the highlights of our journey is a visit to the city\’s historic district. Here, we delve deep into the city\’s past, exploring ancient ruins, centuries-old monuments, and fascinating museums. We\’re not just observers, but active participants in the story of this place, each step bringing a new discovery, a new connection to the people who once walked these streets.

The People: The Heart of the Destination

But the true heart of any destination lies in its people. Throughout our journey, we\’ve had the privilege of meeting local artisans, passionate conservationists, and friendly locals who have shared their stories and welcomed us into their community. Their warmth and hospitality remind us that travel is not just about seeing new places, but about forming genuine connections along the way.

Reflections on the Journey

As our journey comes to an end, we\’re left with more than just memories. We\’ve gained a deeper understanding of the world, a greater appreciation for its diversity, and a renewed sense of wonder. And so, we head home, our hearts filled with stories to tell and a longing for our next adventure.