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On this page i share resources I have found invaluable for my own Journey of Lightening, Brightening, and Transforming... May these resources serve you better than the way they have me...

The Sovereign's Way

Law For Mankind

The Only Knowledge You Will Ever Need To Take Back Power Over Your Life. Discover How To Set Your Law To Govern Your Life, So You Can Live Life On Your Terms; Without Giving Away Yourself, Your Property Or Your Rights To Anyone Ever Again.

There is a way:

  • to keep 100% of your compensation for your own labour/work… without lies;
  • to protect your family and property against any attack… without fights;
  • to be free of those of mankind who act as agents with government titles… without the need to hide;
  • to overcome the psychological and emotional barriers you have to lead the life you know is right;


"Love has called a meeting" by Ronit Ashkenazi

Dear Despair,

You rip me to shreds and tear me open. All I can do when you’re around is try to remain alive. Please, come sit at the sacred circle. Your attendance is so dear. You remind me to breathe…

Interviews & Articles

Jeffrey C. Yuen

Daoist Priest and world-renowned Scholar of Daoism and Chinese Medicine, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen continues to share his extraordinary insights into Daoist Philosophy and Classical Chinese medicine.

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Acupuncture - Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)​

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Daoist Alchemical Healing ~~~ Holistic Healing​

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Health - Life Coaching
Daoist Alchemical Strategizing