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your heart is perfect

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“Life lives Love Alive” ~Gnome Sane

About Me

You ARE the masterpiece in this Divine dance we call Life. You are a thread in the Divine tapestry, an integral note in the Song of Creation; and all of Life depends on each of us to show up fully expressed. 

The Daoist Masters believed that the highest goal of Daoist Alchemy is to live authentically and spontaneously. They believed that in our Hearts we preserve the magnificence that is the true essence of our beings, and we are always connected to our authentic, spontaneous selves. The Daoist Masters also believed we are eternal beings, so no pressure here, but they also encourage us to make good use of our time during our short and precious time here on eARTh.

Who am i to be your guide and cheerleader?

I have maintained a private practice of Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine for the past 20+ years. I have cultivated my personal path of Transformational Healing over that time-frame, and have continued to align my being, my life, and my work in the world more fully with my Soul-Level Purpose. I am passionate about guiding and inspiring you along your own path of Self-Healing. This work guides and inspires your Healing Journey inward, where you connect with your own Heart’s healing guidance and wisdom. I love being in the Holistic / Transformational Healing Space because it is the space of profound intimacy, love, honor, joy, trust, gratitude… the list is actually endless…

Over the many years I have been in the Holistic Healing space, I have come to understand more about my own core, and what makes me tick…

On a Soul-Level I believe I am meant to act as a precision instrument for the exploration of inner-freedom, and my Soul-Level Unique Transformative Capacity is to inspire and guide Self-Healing in myself and others by bridging healing potential with illumination and insight, so that True Healing becomes possible. 

I inspire transformation, evolution, and healing by bridging potential with illumination

I’ve been created for this work. It’s where my deepest gladness meets the world’s deepest need! It feels really good to be able to say that!
I am incredibly Blessed and Supported. Heaven has showered me in abundance, with awesome guides and teachers, a loving family, supportive friends and community; all of which keeps me RE-Sourced!
Those of wo/mankind are waking up! 
…there is more support for you to fully engage your Tranformational Healing Journey than ever before… and here we get to explore the nature of Transformational Healing together!
"Healing blossoms as we deepen in our Love-Affair with all of Life" ~Gnome Sane
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Acupuncture - Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)

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Daoist Alchemical Healing
~~~ Holistic Healing

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Health - Life Coaching
Daoist Alchemical Strategizing

What My Clients Say About Me

It’s best you hear it from those who have experienced transformational healing in our work together…

Thank you for everything you have done for me, Bill. Out of all of those I have worked with for Transformational Healing in my life, you have made the biggest impact!
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Laura Frost


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