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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

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To get into the Heart of the matter… I have included quotes below from an interview with my Daoist Teacher Jeffrey Yuen, which can be found in its entirety here:


“We tend to think that fear is the opposite of love, in the same way, we say that illness is the opposite of wellness. We tend to polarise everything, rather than realising that it’s not really the opposite. You might also say that illness is a resistance to wellness. Darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of light. And fear is not the opposite of love, but the absence of love. ~Jeffrey Yuen

“…first of all, it’s about having gratitude for everything that occurs in your life. This is not about judging whether things are good or bad, but being appreciative of everything, good and bad. In that way you’re really transcending judgment. Also, if you think of everything that occurs in your life as being part of a divine plan of some sort, then you’re giving reverence back, as well.” ~Jeffrey Yuen

“The second component has to do with finding what is joyful in your life (no matter what). You can still be excited about life itself, and about living. …It’s not about comparing yourself with anyone – it’s about being excited about life itself. Laughter is so important. If you can find laughter – be it just hearing a joke, or something which makes you smile – it makes you become lighter in terms of the burdens you carry in life, or the burdens you feel about yourself.” ~Jeffrey Yuen

“Every day is an opportunity… to do something new with our lives. One of the first things you can start out with is, ‘…today’s an opportunity for me to have a better sense of love for my life and for what I’m doing‘”. ~Jeffrey Yuen

So those are the themes. Gratitude and reverence; joy and laughter and fun; creativity; feeling love and allowing it to saturate your entire body. Looked at from a healing point of view, you are allowing that love to saturate all your cells – and as it saturates all your cells, then you can really begin to emanate love from yourself.” ~Jeffrey Yuen

Attune to the key of love and wisdom in your heart… that is the short-cut in leveling-up your healing capacities.

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) believes… all physiology in the body is activated by a central fire in the body which is rooted in the Heart; much like our Sun activates all the life on eARTh.

In each moment we have the choice to activate our authentic spontaneous path, and if we don’t, we get blown off course by the winds of this world. Those winds disrupt the harmonious flow of Qi-Energy in our bodies, and, “wind” can even build up in our bodies, and re-emerge as a myriad of Diseases.

Where there is free-flow of Qi there is no pain, and healthy, normal functioning of our organs and body-systems results. There are many types of, “blocks” to the free-flow of Qi. One of them is known as, “wind”. The nature of wind as a block scatters, disjoints, and confuses the harmonious directional movement of our body’s healthy Qi flow.

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The Embodied Spirit – aka. Healing Intelligence – speaks in subtle gestures” ~Stephen Alpern, L.Ac.

Holistic Healing can be a bit like riding a dragon at times, and often entails getting past the dragon at the gate – our thinking minds…

A personal tale of paying attention to the body’s, “subtle gestures”…

Fairly often I have the experience of getting deeply touched in my heart by some event, or person, and then I immediately sneeze! 

Guess what one of our body’s super-power healing-capacities to EXPEL wind is?

…you guessed it… a sneeze!

What the heck is wind you rightly ask?
…in Chinese Medicine is considered, “…The leader of the 10,000 Diseases, because it is considered an influence that scatters and distorts our bodies abilities to maintain coherent communication between its myriad parts”
Stay with me. . .I get deeply touched by some aspect of Life, this opens my heart, which naturally maximizes the spreading of qi-energy and blood thru my body, and I sneeze releasing wind from my system. Bye-Bye, “wind”! And I have a family history of Heart Disease, so the less wind building up and being held in all of our bodies the better. Heart Flossing and Heart Centered Healing is our golden key to releasing blocks from our bodies.

Being open and available to being deeply touched by Life a, “Heart Floss Moment” (HFM).

I’d love to hear about some of your HFM’s! …I consider that real news!

The mysterious Heart Organ, aka. “Palace of our Spirit”, is at once a physical and Spiritual organ. I have 30 years of experience  working in the holistic healthcare space. I am of the belief that the way forward for the healing of mankind and our beautiful eARTh home requires Heart-Centered-Healing in each of us for Soul-Level Healing and transformation. This is why I have founded the Heart Floss Club, and the discourse I am devoted to having with all of mankind. In Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) the Heart is known as the Emperor of our inner Kingdom. Its illuminating fire presides over the Four Directions of our beings – that of the Four Intelligences: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

“All disease is disease of the Spirit”  ~Huang Di Nei Jing / Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon”

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Acupuncture - Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)​

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