Transformative, Holistic Healing Resources are what the Heart Floss Club is all about…

Love yourself like your life depends on it” ~Anita Moorjani

I wish you a warm and heart-filled welcome to the world of Holistic Healing, and Compassionate Change Work.

My name is Bill Wright, L.Ac., MTCM

The Heart Floss Club exists as a beneficial point of contact and supportive resource for our mutual healing. Sometimes along our life path we need healing-support in the form of treatments and medicines, and at others we need guidance and knowledge in support of our own transformational healing. The Heart Floss Club serves both needs.

The more we feel empowered, clear, passionate, authentic, spontaneous, and loving, the more transformational we are in our self-healing, and in co-creating the better world we know is possible in our hearts.

My Life’s purpose, and what gets me out of bed in the morning is to keep engaging my life from a story line of deep connection, engaged curiosity, passionate courage, and to keep releasing the false beliefs that leave me feeling small, and dis-empowered; this forms the basis of my offering here Holistic Healing, and Compassionate Change Work

Our work together starts with precisely zero judgement about where you find yourself currently in your life. My offering seeks to incorporate and integrate a holistic approach that addresses body, heart, mind, and spirit, and to ask better questions – first and foremost, where do you want to go next along your healing path and journey of self-healing? Who are you at your core? What does your heart really want? What is your life’s purpose? What are your soul-level gifts in this lifetime?

If any of this sounds good to you, I look forward to connecting with you… Heartfully!

How To Thrive In The Modern World

Transformational Heart Centered Healing is who you are at your core. Take Back the Healing Power for your Life. Discover natural ways to experience the health that you deserve. You Can level up naturally from within, and receive individualized support; imagine limitless potential, energy, joy, and the experience of vitality and well-being.

The goal of this book:

  • Offer you a clear overview of this incredible healing system
  • Give you a sense of empowerment that there are indeed natural solutions to your current health problems
  • Encourage you to be proactive about your health and treat it as a top priority for the rest of your life

Heart Centered Healing is for you if...

You are ready to get to the ROOT of your physical issues

Support for your Health from the Inside-Out sounds good

You want greater happiness, peace & connection in your Life

You're looking for true, transformational healing in your Life

You want to connect with the Healing Wisdom in your Heart

you welcome support as you re-member your authentic self

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Our healing capacity is perfect...

The Daoist Masters who formulated Classical Chinese Medicine called it, “Shen” (Heart Spirit). The really good news… true healing is not a self-improvement project. It’s a process of remembering! Remembering… our infinite, magnificent, authentic, and spontaneous selves. The Daoist Masters believed we take on blocks along the way that makes us forget our authentic selves, and that limit our healing capacity. I liken the process of releasing the blocks to our authentic selves to that of Flossing our Hearts!

  • Do you feel resourced to take this MOST essential of Life’s journeys?
  • Do you have the support you vitally need?

I have guided, inspired, and catalyzed self-healing in thousands of people over 30 years of study and clinical practice in Acupuncture, Holistic Healing, and Classical Chinese Medicine. I offer Daoist Alchemical Strategies that inspire transformation and healing. My offering of Heart Centered Healing includes: Holistic Health Coaching, Qi-Energy Work via the Acupuncture Points of Chinese Medicine, The Nine Stages and Nine Palaces of Daoist Alchemy, Core-Energetic readings via The Five Elements, Medicinal Herbs, Dietary Therapy, Qi Gong, 7-Star Sword, Tree-Gong, Essential Oils, and Meditation.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao Zi, Dao De Jing, Ch.64

What will you gain in our work together?

Your Self

Learn about who you are at YOUR CORE, your AUTHENTIC self; so you can get out of your own way


Learn how to be IN FLOW with FEAR, so you can harness the power of Loving Growth


Learn how to activate True Healing power from within

Your Power

Learn how to Re-Source yourself and develop your Super-Powers of: In-Sight, Inner-Illumination, Internal Mothering, and the central virtue associated with YOUR Authentic Self


Learn to activate your own Self-Directed Free-Will aligned with the Universal Laws of loving-kindness, do no harm, and cause no loss


Learn to become Compassion-in-action, and bring your gifts to those of wo/mankind and our Mother eARTh , Gaia

What my clients say about me

When I first decided to work in a holistic way together with Bill, it was my last resort for back pain. My family practice doctor suggested I give it a try. I came not expecting a miraculous cure only relief. What I received was a back that was happy! I can now work in my yard and not suffer. I’m so glad I found Bill Wright.
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Edna Melville
All I know is that time working together with Bill works! I was skeptical at first, but willing to try anything because my hands were so achy and limited in their mobility. Now I'm extremely pleased with what has happened. My hands don't ache as much and I have much more movement. My wife says I'm a 'quick study' when it comes to the treatments. Thanks Bill!
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Tim Burch
Bill, our work together has helped me immeasurably along the path to wellness. Our discourse is so affirming and non-judgemental that it allows me to freely be my best. I especially appreciate the spiritual healing you generously share. A heartfelt thank you for being who you are!
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Diana Burnwood

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